Meet Ramtin

I am an Iranian-Canadian and a loving father of three. I immigrated to Canada as a toddler; my family sought a better life and more opportunities in this country. I graduated from Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University, with a Marketing Major and Entrepreneurship Minor. For nearly two decades now, I have been managing our family-owned car dealership. Our dealership has successfully been named, “Dealer of the Year” for 5 straight years. 

Throughout my life, I have capitalized on opportunities to help those in need. I’ve volunteered at local retirement homes and helped build homes overseas for people who saw their homes destroyed by the elements. Together with my wife, I take bi-annual trips to Toronto to help clothe and feed the homeless.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be a candidate running to be a Member of Provincial Parliament; not because I don’t think of myself capable to fulfill the role, but because I stand for integrity and honesty. Most people (myself included) perceive and accept politicians to be selfish, lying, crooked individuals who make empty promises to get votes. Recently, I witnessed some of my current colleagues in the Ontario Party be ousted from their previous party for voicing an opinion different from the majority’s. These individuals stood their ground and put their personal livelihoods at risk, despite being attacked for their views. I found that incredibly admirable because I, too, would have done the same. It was at that time that I reached out to the Ontario Party to apply for the position of MPP of Richmond Hill.

I aspire to make a difference in politics — to bring something new to the table and be a TRUE representative of the people. My goal is to be honest, transparent and fulfill my promises.

My inspiration to take this leap of faith was God and Michael Jackson’s song, “Man in the Mirror”. One night, I prayed to God for guidance on what to do with this opportunity and whether it was right for me.  Shortly thereafter, I watched Michael Jackson’s movie, “Moonwalker” from 1988 and the first song was, “Man in the Mirror”. Listening to him sing the lyrics, “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change” was my breakthrough moment.

Using every tool available to me, I will do whatever is necessary to make sure we have control over our own lives, our children’s education, and our privacy. We no longer need to be afraid of ‘Woke, Cancel culture’ and fear mongering of government officials. I, like many of you, am a hard-working, earnest, responsible citizen who has experienced the loss of control in my own life and my family’s life. I can no longer sit on the sidelines and allow our government to dictate what we do with our lives, cap our potential to succeed, and decide what to teach our children without our say in the matter. 

If you stand for the honesty, integrity, and positive change in politics, I hope to have the opportunity to prove to you the impact I can make in our lives as an MPP with the Ontario Party. I look forward to earning your trust and being a true representative of my constituents.